Quadrocopter (Drone) Simulator 3D

White Drone

Quadrocopter (Drone) Simulator 3D is a fantastic game that everyone has been waiting for! For the first time, it became possible to control a real drone in the online game mode. Would you like to learn how to fly a quadcopter? Now it’s real! You will be able to take control of a test model of a well-known DJI drone. This is one of the most famous and popular drones that exist.

The game has real control, which means that we can control it fully. You have to get used to the controls and once you do it it will be a lot of fun to play.

The game has only two maps for flying, this is an industrial zone and an island. Your first and last tutorial will be collecting gold coins from various locations on the map. Also, the game has the ability to purchase 3 additional drones, which differ in shape and characteristics. To buy each of the drones, you need to collect more money. Collect all the coins on two maps and try to control each of the drones, because each of them is special. Some turn better, while others fly much faster.

Yellow Quadrocopter

Drone Simulator game is suitable for both experienced pilots and beginners. Those who already know how to fly drones can improve their skills and just have fun. Well, beginners will be very interested in general, because this is the most realistic drone simulator!

Enjoy the fun in the air! Unlock all drones and enjoy endless freedom. Have fun!

Simulyator kvadrokoptera

V posledneye vremya tak populyarny stali kvadrokoptery. S ikh pomoshch’yu mozhno vysoko vzletet’ i sfotografirovat’ vse, chto vy khotite, i dazhe snyat’ na videos”yemku. Eta igra spetsial’no prednaznachena dlya togo chtoby dobrotno nauchitsya letat’ na etom nezamyslovatom i ul’trasovrennom ustroystve. Pered tem kak nachat’ polet u vas budet vybor, kakoy imenno dron vybrat’, a ikh nemalo, no srazu u vas yest’ tol’ko tysyacha dollarov, poetomu pokupayte samyy prostoy. Posle etogo vybirayte lokatsiyu, gde vy budete letat’, a ikh vsego dve, priroda i kakiye-to stroyeniya. Dlya togo chtoby zarabotat’ deneg na novyye letayushchiye ob”yekty ne zabyvayte sobirat’ monetki vo vremya poleta. So vremenem vy tochno kupite sebe vse vidy dronov. Upravleniye: WASD – vodit’, I ili K – vzletet’ ili opustit’sya, J ili L – chtoby vrashchat’syaПоказати більше813/5000Quadcopter simulator

Quadcopters have become so popular lately. With their help, you can fly high and take pictures of whatever you want, and even shoot on video. This game is specially designed to learn how to fly soundly on this uncomplicated and ultra-modern device. Before you start your flight, you will have a choice of which drone to choose, and there are many of them, but right away you only have a thousand dollars, so buy the simplest one. After that, choose the location where you will fly, and there are only two of them, nature and some buildings. In order to earn money for new flying objects, do not forget to collect coins during the flight. Over time, you will definitely buy yourself all kinds of drones.

Controls: WASD – drive, I or K – take off or descend, J or L – to rotate

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